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Great for birthdays, parties, and quiet nights in. Board games are the perfect way to have fun with friends and family. Suitable for all ages, these official board games are based on the original UK TV show.

To join in the action at home, we recommend official UK TV board games from Winning Moves

Blockbusters board gameBlockbusters

The official Blockbusters board game was created back in 1986 by Waddingtons. It was so well received by players and Blockbusters fans that it won the prestigious 'Game of the Year' award. Closely based on the ITV quiz show, this board game features host Bob Holness and can be played by two or more players, recommended for ages 12 and up.

Player reviews of the Blockbusters board game are generally very favourable, with existing customers praising the overall quality and variation in the questions and their difficulty. Somewhat bizarrely, old versions of this board game had no gold run for the winner! We are pleased to report that this is a NEW, updated Blockbusters board game where the winner DOES go on to try to beat the Gold Run!

You can buy the Blockbusters board game at

Blockbusters Board Game - Buy It Now

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Bullseye board gameBullseye

The official Bullseye board game is lots of fun for families, parties, children, grown ups, and all Bullseye fans! The game comes with kid-friendly magnetic darts, a dartboard and hundreds of questions.

The Bullseye board game is played like the TV show - carefully aim your darts at your chosen subjects on the board. The higher your score, the more points you win but the questions are harder! Play through the Bullseye game rounds and get to the final round to win Bully's Star Prize! The board game includes six darts and comes complete with a score pad, pencil and game rules.

You can buy the Bullseye board game at

Bullseye Board Game - Buy It Now

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Deal Or No Deal board gameDeal Or No Deal

The official Deal Or No Deal board game provides hours of nail-biting fun. It's ideal for parties and families with easy gameplay everyone can enjoy.

People who have already bought the Deal Or No Deal board have given lots of positive feedback. It's an addictive game that keeps you playing 'just once more'. Watch everyone jump when the electronic phone rings for the first time - yes, it's the Banker with his offer!

Deal Or No Deal Board Game - Buy It Now

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Wheel Of Fortune board gameWheel Of Fortune

The official Wheel Of Fortune board game is now in its third edition and enormous fun for all ages, even if some players have never seen the TV game show! The board game comes with everything needed including the famous Wheel Of Fortune spinner, puzzle board (with legs), display and backing board, free spins tokens, play money and 96 pre-made puzzles.

The Wheel Of Fortune board game works great as a family or party activity but can also be played with less people (2-4). Once you've worked your way through the included puzzles, you can create your own (within the limitations of the board).

Wheel Of Fortune Board Game - Buy It Now

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