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Iconic hexagons, lucky mascots and a hand jive

Relive the glory days of Blockbusters and gold runs with our trip down memory lane. Still shown on Challenge TV, Blockbusters holds a fond spot in the memories of UK TV quiz fans and can be enjoyed today online or as a board game.

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Bob Holness, Blockbusters presenterBlockbusters information/history

Created by Mark Goodson in 1980 for American television audiences, the UK version of Blockbusters was first broadcast on 29 August 1983. Bob Holness was the original, and for many fans the ONLY presenter. Bob hosted the first ten series of Blockbusters and also a 1994 Sky One revival.

The other presenters of Blockbusters have been Michael Aspel (1997), Liza Tarbuck (2000-01) and Simon Mayo (2012). There was also a Game Show Marathon special show in 2007 hosted by Vernon Kay, but no host ever came close to Bob Holness and it is Bob who will always be remembered as the face of Blockbusters. In fact, out of the 1541 episodes of Blockbusters to date, Bob Holness hosted 1340 of them!

Blockbusters board gameBlockbusters - the board game

The official Blockbusters board game was created back in 1986 by Waddingtons. It was so well received by players and Blockbusters fans that it won the prestigious 'Game of the Year' award. Closely based on the ITV quiz show, this board game features host Bob Holness and can be played by two or more players, recommended for ages 12 and up.

Player reviews of the Blockbusters board game are generally very favourable, with existing customers praising the overall quality and variation in the questions and their difficulty. Somewhat bizarrely, old versions of this board game had no gold run for the winner! We are pleased to report that this is a NEW, updated Blockbusters board game where the winner DOES go on to try to beat the Gold Run!

You can buy the Blockbusters board game at

Blockbusters Board Game - Buy It Now

Blockbusters online slot gameBlockbusters - the online slot game

The official online Blockbusters game was released in 2012, developed by Electracade and FremantleMedia. Based on the classic UK TV show, this is an online slot game with 15 ways to win on every spin. Playable for real money or just for fun, online Blockbusters can be played for as little as 1p a spin.

As well as standard cash payouts for winning spins, the online Blockbusters slot offers a couple of extra ways to win real money. 'Expanding Wild' symbols can appear anywhere and be converted into other symbols to pay an increased amount. There's also a fun Gold Run bonus game activated by spinning in three bonus symbols, where you'll take your place on the 'hot spot' and try to make your way across the board, doubling your prize money if you get all the way across.

You can play TV-based games online for free or real money at Hello Casino (free registration + welcome bonus)

Update: the Blockbusters online game is NOT currently available at Mr Green. We are looking for a suitable site where Blockbusters can be played - check back soon.

Blockbusters Online - Play Now

Blockbusters facts and trivia

The original (American) version of Blockbusters debuted on 27 October 1980, hosted by Bill Cullen.

The Blockbusters game board was powered by 40 slide projectors and took up the entire height of the studio.

There were 15 different Blockbusters board combinations which meant the same letter combinations would reappear. The letter 'Q' was only used on one board.

Famous Blockbusters contestants have included Jon Tickle and Stephen Merchant.

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