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The super, smashing, great darts quiz

Probably the best darts-based UK TV quiz show ever made, Bullseye is as popular today as it's ever been, thanks to much appreciated endless repeats on Challenge TV. Here you can read facts and trivia about the iconic television show, buy the Bullseye board game, and play the official Bullseye online game. You can't beat a bit of bully!

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Jim Bowen, Bullseye presenterBullseye information/history

Bullseye was created by Andrew Wood after researching ideas for a new game show. After originally airing on Monday nights, Bullseye moved to its best known Sunday afternoons slot where it generated millions of fans. The combination of quiz show, darts contest, and some genuinely wacky prizes made (and still makes) for brilliant television.

Bullseye ran from 1981 to 1995 presented by legendary duo Jim Bowen and Tony Green. The show was revived in 2006 with a new series presented by Dave Spikey, who had appeared as a Bullseye contestant in the 1980's. Tony Green returned to co-present the new series.

Andrew Wood still runs a really nice official Bullseye website (see below) where you can read lots more about the TV show, download Bullseye wallpaper, purchase merchandise (including a Bully mask), and even hire Bully to make a special guest appearance!

Bullseye board gameBullseye - the board game

The official Bullseye board game is lots of fun for families, parties, children, grown ups, and all Bullseye fans! The game comes with kid-friendly magnetic darts, a dartboard and hundreds of questions.

The Bullseye board game is played like the TV show - carefully aim your darts at your chosen subjects on the board. The higher your score, the more points you win but the questions are harder! Play through the Bullseye game rounds and get to the final round to win Bully's Star Prize! The board game includes six darts and comes complete with a score pad, pencil and game rules.

You can buy the Bullseye board game at

Bullseye Board Game - Buy It Now

Bullseye online slot gameBullseye - the online slot game

We waited a long time for an online Bullseye slot game and it's finally here! The official Bullseye slot was released in December 2015 by Microgaming and it's been worth the wait. The game has a fun sense of humour with retro graphics, classic one-liners and the real voices of Jim Bowen and Tony Green.

Players have plenty of chance to win on every spin with Bullseye's 243 different win combinations. Spin in Bully's prize board on reels one and five for a special bonus round where you'll step up to the oche for some real darts action to win cash prizes. There's also a free spins bonus round that awards 15 free spins during which all wins are doubled.

You can play TV-based games online for free or real money at Hello Casino (free registration + welcome bonus)

Bullseye Online - Play Now

Bullseye facts and trivia

Bullseye has been on TV for 35 years (an unbroken run).

Bullseye was moved from Sunday to Saturday afternoons during 1994-95.

Jim Bowen has brilliantly described Bullseye as "the second-best darts-based game show on TV", knowing it's the only one!

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