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Deal Or No Deal

22 sealed boxes, but only one question...

We've got the next best thing to being a contestant on the hugely popular TV show - no less than six online Deal Or No Deal games, facts and trivia, and a fun board game. If that's not enough for you, chances are there's at least one DOND fruit machine in your local pub!

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Deal Or No Deal TV showDeal Or No Deal information/history

First broadcast on Channel 4 on 31 October 2005, Deal Or No Deal was an instant hit. Presented by Noel Edmonds since the beginning, the game show was a triumphant return to television screens for the presenter following a break of more than six years (Noel's House Party).

Deal Or No Deal stayed faithful to its original format with few changes made. Box 23 was introduced in 2014 adding an extra element of risk for the player, offering an opportunity to win an additional £10,000, double/half their existing prize, or lose the lot!

The 'offer button' was also introduced in 2014, available for use to the player only once. When pressed, the player receives an instant offer from the Banker. Players can only use the offer button after the opening round, and only if they correctly guess (within 10%) the amount of the Banker's first offer.

Channel 4 announced that Deal or No Deal was to end in autumn 2016, followed with special episodes filmed on tour around the UK. The last 'on tour' episode was first shown in December 2016.

Deal Or No Deal board gameDeal Or No Deal - the board game

The official Deal Or No Deal board game provides hours of nail-biting fun. It's ideal for parties and families with easy gameplay everyone can enjoy.

People who have already bought the Deal Or No Deal board have given lots of positive feedback. It's an addictive game that keeps you playing 'just once more'. Watch everyone jump when the electronic phone rings for the first time - yes, it's the Banker with his offer!

You can buy the Deal Or No Deal board game at

Deal Or No Deal Board Game - Buy It Now

Deal Or No Deal online gameDeal Or No Deal - the online games

Deal Or No Deal famously asks one question with only two possible answers, but online Deal Or No Deal gives you SIX options to choose from. The makers of the hit TV show, Endemol Gaming, have made six different official Deal Or No Deal online games. The most popular is a classic DOND game that faithfully follows the TV show format. Pick your boxes then wait for the Banker to phone with an offer at the end of each round. You can take the deal and collect your cash prize or 'no deal' and play on!

The other five online Deal Or No Deal games are a slot called The Banker's Riches, a roulette version, a blackjack game, an 'instant win' scratch card game, and Deal Or No Deal Jackpot which is similar to the classic online version but with the possibility of a 'jackpot token' in your lucky box for a chance to win a life-changing progressive jackpot.

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Deal Or No Deal Online - Play Now

Deal Or No Deal facts and trivia

Deal Or No Deal is consistently the most watched UK TV show in its slot.

The show celebrated its ten year anniversary in 2015. Noel Edmonds was the contestant and won £26,000 for charity.

Deal Or No Deal is now shown in more than 50 countries.

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